Collegial Council ? Elections Soon !

City Council Meeting May 6, 2014

Jason here. So tonight we saved $10 off each residential tax bill. Councillor Hector says that means a lot to those on fixed incomes. Let us at least say that while it does, there was a lot of merit to Councillor Downes motion to put the increased revenue that comes to the city by virtue of increased assessment into the Working Reserve Fund because Global warming is upon us and the weather future is unknown. He says that we have had several 100 year rain storms this year. Does anyone understand all this? The tax situation, I mean. It is clear that the majority of Councillors did not. All they cared about was the decrease- or the possible decrease, in tax rates. Never mind that MPAC was slow and that education taxes decreased by 4.5%, 2015 and 16 may or may not have tax rates higher than 2014. We live in hope, and hope that someone other than the CAO understands this. Maybe someone is studying it as we speak.


AND Council passed a motion NOT to pay the invoice of Dr. Robert Williams as he failed to fulfil his responsibilities to the city. Dr. Williams, I guess, had been an advocate of allowing students to vote. He changed his mind during the O.M.B. hearing (which the city lost). Those in favour of not paying him agreed that the City does not pay where satisfaction with the employee’s work is not evident. Councillor Downes and Glover opposed the motion, the former because he wanted to put the whole question behind him. (Indeed, if Williams sues, the question is ongoing.).Glover was forced by the mayor to apologize, (the only pyrotechnics during the meeting) to the City Solicitor for impugning his motive in questioning Glover re Williams at the OMB. To Jason’s mind, the City Solicitor is the problem here. Should he have known that Williams was unreliable? He and the Director of Legal Services recommended that Williams not be paid.


Anther delegation – Mr Amed spoke in favour of a cricket pitch in the city. Why you may ask is the cricket pitch not to be on the cricket field? It (a cricket pitch) requires 50 or so feet of concrete covered by artificial assure a predictable bounce of the ball. Cricket has changed. Used to be that the unpredictable bounce of the ball was the challenge of the game.  Onward to the election!




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