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Old Broom sweeps clean!

Special City Council Meeting- June 30.2014


Jason here. What does it take to call a ‘special’ meeting of Council? This one occurred because 2/3 of members of Council petitioned the clerk to hold such a meeting. The full Council chambers and the five delegations all in favour of reconsidering the past motion of Council to buy on condition that the building be torn down was roundly supported. Councillor Hector’s motion (or was it Hutchison’s?) to buy the property at 305-323 Rideau St. with the intent of selling  the building by the end of 2016 was indeed a compromise between those who want the city to own all buildings that are designated and the taxpayer for whom Hector is the champion. One thing is clear –we need to make more progress on designation. We are moving too slowly. Most of the work is now done by volunteers. That needs to change. We need to set standards. Say – ‘overall goal’ which could set a direction and maybe three  buildings a month. Councillor Hutchison is correct, Kingston is changing. The de-industrialization of the city proceeds and we are the ’sustainable city’ whether we like it or not, where’ history and (hopefully) innovation thrive’. Yet to be decided is the future of the Wellington Street Extension. Only one delegation mentioned this problem. Is it necessary to save the downtown once the third crossing bridge gets built? Perhaps that depends on whether the bridge is toll-free or not, and that might depend on whether funding comes from the feds and the province. The Wellington Street Extension has never reached the capital budget and it is far behind the railway bridge on Counter Street. It has never been seriously discussed at Council. While the inner harbour park is mostly filled land, there is considerable feeling that the park should not be violated. The railway that once went along this path, is long gone- but a road to replace it is up in the air.