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Get us out of here on time.

Get us out of here on time.

Jason here. One wonders if the current Council is more interested in short meetings than in content of the meetings. Last night’s meeting ended at 9.30 p.m. Short by any standard. The most controversial item on the agenda was the request by Queen’s for extension to the exemption (with conditions) of the noise by-law. This is an example of a well organized neighbourhood effort AND an example of the staff of the city listening. It is also indicative of the relationship between the City and the University – one of the city’s biggest employers- somewhat fraught. Anyway the University got what it wanted-an extension of the modified anti-noise by-law(that applies to the North Field) until the end of June 2016 and the hours of 9am to 9pm all week + stat holidays. (93 games at west campus field and 15 games at Richardson Stadium) Stroud and Holland voted against it perhaps revealing their anti university or large institutional bias. MTO or its current interation made a presentation to council re 2/401 interchanges (38 and 15) but with no money and a 20 year plan changes won’t come quickly (perhaps shovel ready?).

Another no brainer was the vote for no gaming facility in Kingston after the decisive municipal vote.