Countryside Growers of food and community, we give Kingston the edge


 Growers of food and community, we give Kingston the edge.

 Countryside produces much, if not most, of our local food.  Can anything matter more?

The vagaries of weather and climate change present unique challenges to this district and require urban sensitivity to rural issues.  Drought effects Countryside in some life-altering ways not always apparent to the urban gardener and needs to be addressed going forward.

Communications and internet services are an on-going concern in the less densely populated areas surrounding the city.  Yet we are all equally dependent upon the information highway.  It’s where we all buy, sell and learn nowadays.  We have to have equal access.

Public transportation.  Our tax dollars go towards it like everyone else’s.

Why don’t we see any buses on our roads, near our homes?  At the very least we deserve far more convenient park and ride locations and some limited bus routes north of the 401 and east along Hwy 2.

Since we pay city taxes, we should enjoy at least some of the amenities our urban neighbour’s do.  We need our roads to be plowed after a snowfall, we need our potholes fixed promptly and we need sewage infrastructure.

Countryside, the natural jewel in Kingston’s crown, combines rural beauty with recreational opportunities and an abiding sense of community.  Remember all that we have to offer at budget time, because we require infrastructure.

Karen Pagratis



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