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Kingston City Council Meeting – January 21, 2014

Kingston City Council Meeting – January 21, 2014


Jason here. That was the shortest Council meeting on record.  We shut down at 8:30 p.m. – a miracle. The question is WHY? Why did the mayor introduce a motion to have 3 (later changed to 4) meetings of council, structured as Town Hall meetings in the outer areas of the city. We know he was impressed with moving Council meetings during the time when the Council Chamber was  being outfitted with new Information Technology, but those meetings were not structured as Town Hall meetings, where anyone can say anything to the mayor and Council. Does he feel that a significant proportion of Kingstonians are disaffected? Are they? Are they convinced that the inner city usually determines what goes on in the Council? In spite of the fact that they talk a lot, the inner city councillors usually lose votes. Is the perception different? How about the City Hall itself? It IS the centre of downtown. Nothing can be done about that. It is an historic structure that took former Councils a long time to pay off. What will Councillors hear at these non-downtown meetings? A lot about taxes; a lot about snow and the condition of the streets. Maybe it is time to address the procedural by law and have regular meetings of this type outside the downtown.  Would that make everyone feel better? I wonder if inner city Councillors would talk as much during the moved meetings. Time for everyone to understand MPAC. The assessed value of a home is a function of how much it is sold for. So, recent buyers will influence people who have been there a long time and resent justa-comes. Understanding MPAC, of course will not influence the tax rate that is set by City Council. Perhaps Council will be convinced that 2.5% increase is too high. The tax rate has been reduced from 3.5%.. This is the real meat of a Councillor’s task on Council. How do we keep an eye on the future while keeping the present affordable? Is homeownership a luxury? It is in many countries. Owning one’s own home has been the foundation of Canadian democracy. It is hard to change and we probably won’t

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Kingston City Hall, 1875