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It came to pass but didn’t

Jason here, well, it did not pass. It needed 2/3 .or nine votes to be reconsidered after Councillor Stroud who voted with the majority the first time around, changed his mind- or his constituents changed it for him. (We are talking about the reconsideration of the new high school on the Memorial Centre property)The subject of much press- print and otherwise. Perhaps now all this energy will be put into the near campus neighbourhood committee however long it can continue. (It has been declared (dysfunctional by staff) The committees will be considered on the Dec 1st meeting. This was at the end of the meeting. Bear with me while I take you through the whole meeting. We were first addressed by presentations- only five minutes, but much longer with questions.  Frank Dixon with a well thought out alternative to the Wellington Street extension later on was Ms Dowling  of the prison farms. Ms Dowling has changed her approach. It is no longer just about cows but about food-local food and the farm land therefore should be protected. This is similar to the petition presented by Councillor Hutchison in that it was about the grass roots and what they are concerned about- in Councillor Hutchison’s case it was about the height of the proposed building on the Capital theatre site downtown. Then we were talked at about Green House gases by Mr. Mabee and the Kingston Transportation Master Plan (KTMP) it would appear that Aecon did the original plan and also the mandated ( by the province) update.  There was no shortage of criticism for this mistake. Perhaps the RFP process is at fault. Councillors supported the mayor’s amendment to the KTMP which called for more aggressive targets on transit ridership. There was a feeling among Councillors that KTMP was still flawed hence two motions for deferral- one to the next Council meeting and a subsequent one until staff could find a way forward, through a meeting with Councillors The KTMP was critiqued by one of the presenters  Preston Schiller whom I gather is an academic. Neill asked how he (Schiller) would grade KTMP? I gather from Schiller’s response that he would not give it a high mark. Perhaps that is because profs like their own interpretation of events fed back to them! Also presenters- two ex- militaries who said that they were NOT opposed, contrary to popular belief, to a High School on the Memorial Centre site.”

1160-1674 Sydenham Rd was finally passed. Councillor Allen voted against it, having discussed it in csmera and at the other meeting in November. However it was ‘bumped up ‘to Planning Committee to make sure that Tomlinson does what has been suggested for the site.  The site is an existing industrial site in a residential area. (in Councillor Allen’s Ward).

Also passed was the Rideau Heights regeneration plan. Jason wonders if the Heights can ever overcome the prejudices that exist re the Heights if the density is greater- as the plan suggests- the density has been doubled. This is what you get when the consultant is from out of town, well-intentioned but wrong.

Yes, it was a long meeting. Perhaps the first to need an extension past 11 o’clock.